Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rain, Rain, Snow

I am finally back up and running. 
The computer has been acting up and Jamie took all of the pics off, got everything updated  and now it works like a charm! YAY!!   

In the mean time, we have not been doing a whole lot except for playing in the house. All it has done for the month of January is rain. So, we have played babies, store, church and a whole lot more. Wal Mart and church has been our only outings. I know, we are living it up. haha  

Sophie Clare went back to school this past Tuesday and she did awesome!! NO TEARS and she was ready  to go. I think she probably was stir crazy and enjoyed the change of scenery.  I am so happy that she had a good week at school.

I have wore my red rainboots tons and that is about the only good thing about the rain. I love them and they are so comfy.  I am always trying to wear them when there is just a chance of rain and Jamie gets on to me. haha 

Well finally today the rain has turned into SNOW!!! 
We are sooo excited! 
 I was telling Sophie Clare last night that it might snow. She was getting her plans together and telling me she was going to make a snowman and snow angels. She even told me this morning on the way to school, she needed some snow boots. haha She is a mess.  It is snowing sooo hard right now. 
We just had to get outside and take a couple of pics. 

We are going to have soooo much fun! 

I know it is still Christmas but I wanted to get her outside to get a good pic. Needless to say the weather is still not letting us do that. I took some inside today  and they are so that great but I may use it anyway just to get the Christmas off. 

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