Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Fashion

Oh Pinterest.......
We have a love/hate relationship! 
I love looking at it and all my blogs I follow. Although all of the computer stuff can be a bit much at times. Just like anything, you get hooked and see that it takes up tooo much of your time. There are times that I do not use time wisely and I am working hard to improve! . I don't do so hot some days especially when Sophie Clare is at school. ;-)   Anyways, while she was at school on Thursday I was looking at clothes on Pinterest. As a lot of you know I love fashion! I love to step outside of the box but usually don't just because of where I live. Everyone including my husband does not appreciate it! haha  
I found this look and thought to myself..............I HAVE ALL OF THIS.  I first laid it on the bed and looked  at it and then I could not wait to try it on! 
So this morning, This is what I wore to church!  
If I tell you about the outfit and how much it cost, you will probably be like "whatever" haha 
But here it goes.............
A girl that works with Jamie gave me the cardi "new with tags"  
The dress from Belks new with tags and I paid $1.00
The tights from Target new with tags 50 cents! 
So far we are at $1.50! 
Sad to say my boots were way more than that! 

I am very excited about the look and can not wait to wear it again! 

These next 2 were a little blurry but I just had to share. These were after church with my oh so energetic sweet baby girl! 
She has on my cowboy boots and her sword stuck down in them! 

Oh she is such a mess and keeps my laughing! 

We had a wonderful weekend. 
We went to the circus yesterday and I don't know if "those that blog" if your kiddos look at yours but Sophie Clare does mine. She has been begging me since we got home yesterday to download the pics to my blog. I told her I would work on it. So that is my next task! 

We are expecting Spring like weather this week, so I am sure we will be outside some. That will be a nice change from being stuck inside! 

Have a great week! 

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