Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Circus Time

This post is all for Sophie Clare so please excuse all the pictures.  She is going to be so excited to look at my blog tonight! ;-) 
We had soo much fun at the CIRCUS on Saturday! Sophie Clare was even in the mood for pics so we took advantage.
How swollen does my face look?? 
Yuck, wonder why it has started doing that??
 Maybe I should lay off my TAB'S a bit!
 On another note,  how cute is my sweet baby girl?? 

We arrived at the Circus early so we could be a part of the pre-show. It was super crowded and just like a circus, there was a lot going on. As most of you know, Sophie Clare is not crazy about a huge crowd being around her but she did really well before the show. 

She even got her a "sticker" that we just took off last night. She really did not want to take it off but Jamie mentioned it and she was all about it. 
Go daddy!! 

Yes, I am the sucker of the group. 

Admiring her sword..........

The Circus is tons of fun and of course a lot is going on.
 There is something to see at all times and never a dull moment! 

This clown show was one of Sophie Clare's favorites. 

The strength in these people AAAAAMAZING! 

The Human Cannon Ball was really neat. 

Sophie Clare was afraid it was going to be loud and every time fireworks went off, she would hide her eyes. 

Just clowning around!

The dog show was one of my favorites! 
They were super cute! 

Loved the elephants! 

After the show, we were starving and treated ourselves to one of our favorite places, 

We had a great time and will definitely go back! 

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