Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random Pics Of Sophie Clare

This little girl just melts my heart! She LOVES to play. Even if it is her bedtime, she will say "let's play one more minute"  This is just some random pics I have taken over the past couple of weeks. 

Last week was a Leggo kind of week and we got a boo boo. 

She went to open our door and did not get it open enough. Smashed and cut........bless her, she is pretty tough and rarely cries if she gets hurt. This time, she cried and cried.  It had to have hurt really bad. 

She loves to wear stuff.  Jamie gave her a pair of safety glasses and she wore them for a couple of days straight. She even wore t hem to Books a Million and I did not even realize it till we were int he middle of the mall. haha 

She could play doctor or dentist from sun up to sun down. She loves to be checked and to check you. She never gets tired of it.  She got one of my scrub tops and wears it now. 

Saturday was sooo cold and we got some surprise snow flurries.

It did not snow for long but it was fun while it lasted. 
She loves this sweatshirt. 

Cowgirl Sophie Clare 

This is Sunday morning before church. 
I was able to get a couple of poses before.................................

This one. 
What a mess this girl is. 

We go from playing all the girly stuff to playing football.         

I hope you all are having a great week. 

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