Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We Love To Have Fun

We had a wonderful weekend full of fun!  
Our fun started on Thursday, when we got home from school. My sweetness wanted to soak her feet, so why not. Everyone needs to be pampered! ;-) 
Then she wanted something to scrub them with. She would stop in the middle and want me to feel how soft they were. They were silky smooth before she even started. 

Then later she wanted all of her stuffies on her bed. 
 She needs 

Where's Sophie Clare?? 

We have been trying to get together with April, Luke and Lila for a while now. The sickness took us out for a while then it took a hold on them. Finally all is well and we went play Friday morning. The kids had sooo much fun. Sophie Clare loved playing with all that BOY STUFF! ;-)   She loved playing dress up and now wants a Spider "girl" outfit. I told her that I would make her a red tutu and get her a spider girl shirt. She said I want big muscles. 

Thank you April for having us and making an amazing lunch! 

Sophie Clare is my little cleaning girl. 
She loves to get a spray bottle, toothbrush and go to cleaning. 

Saturday was pretty low key, we tried to let Jamie get a lot of is school work done.  But that night, we squeezed in some fun with friends. We met Andrea and her family at Chilli's. We had sooo much fun. We laughed, talked and the kids were great! 

Yesterday, we played Santa. 
Sophie Clare still ask me about every other day was Santa is doing?? 
 She has been doing this for over a year now. 
According to the time of day she ask depends on what Santa is doing. 
Sometimes he is sitting drinking coffee, making toys, feeding the reindeer or watching tv. Sunday's are my favorite when she ask. I always tell her he is getting ready for church. She ask tons of ?? So I continue with he goes to North Pole First Baptist.  She even likes to know about Mrs. She cooks, cleans and does laundry. 

Since Jamie is gone on Monday nights, I like to think of something different to do. Last night, I drew a rode with chalk. She had so much fun with it. I think erasing it was more fun for her. 

Jamie is learning to juggle being a full time student while holding down a full time job. He is doing sooo good. His grade are fabulous! This is how we see him most of the time. haha 

I am going to share with you what I have been wearing. I am going to try and join a linky party if I have time! 
Fingers crossed! 

Have a great week 

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