Saturday, March 30, 2013

Family, Friends and Fun

Since I have been out of school and have not had children in school, Spring Break did not mean all that much to me. Now when I worked at the Oral Surgeons office, it meant that we were going to be crazy busy. Sometimes I miss that job but would not take anything for being at home with Sophie Clare! 
 Anyways, back to our Spring Break.
 We did not plan anything because going to all those crowded places does not sound fun to me. We will just wait and skip school if we need to. haha
 We ended up spending our days with family and friends. 
We would not have it any other way.  Monday, we did errands but Tuesday was when the fun began. 
The girls came up and we always have tons of fun with them. They played and dyed eggs. 
If you notice, Sophie Clare has on THAT SAME OLD SWEATSHIRT! ugh It is her favorite and I look forward to warm days, just so I can put that sweatshirt up. 

Gracie and Sophie Clare were really quite for a while and then when they came out I knew why. haha They had been into Jamie's side of the closet getting ties and shoes. 

Then on Wednesday, Braden and Janine spent most of the day with us. So thankful for her sweet family to play with! 

Since we were out of school and have not been to story time in forever, we thought it would be fun to go. 

Sweet Lila

Love our sweet friends sooo much! 

We finished off Spring Break yesterday at Chuck E Cheese. It was super fun and I will share that later!
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend! 

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