Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Soap, Shaving Cream and TV

I can remember not to long ago when Sophie Clare was under the age of 4, I could come up with anything and she thought it was a great idea. Now it seems to get harder and  harder. Trying to come up with new ideas and to keep her entertained at night when her daddy is trying to do school work is tough. I have a table in the kitchen that I cleaned off. I squirted some dish detergent on it and gave her a paint brush, I thought to myself  HOW FUN!!  

She enjoyed painting it for a bit...............

Then wanted a toothbrush to clean, that was fine with me...........

Then she wanted to add a little water.......still ok by me. 
Then she was done. 

So, I thought colored shaving cream would be fun to paint with on the WHITE table...............

and it was. I even painted a nice smiley face. 

It was all fun for a short amount of time. Then my table was stained. Thankfully I got it up with a little comet bathroom cleaner.  Worked like a charm! 
Next time we will put down wax paper. 

Are you watching THE BIBLE on the History channel?? 
I am and I  really enjoy it. 

If you have children, are you letting them watch it?? 
I have showed Sophie Clare some of it. I have not let her watch all of the fighting but I do point out who we have talked about in Sunday school and songs that we sing. 

A brand new season 4 with all a couple new faces. I like this show for the simple fact that EVERYONE CAN SING. The judges are always so funny fighting over the singers. I usually do not just sit and watch this show, it is a show that I listen to more than anything. 

What do you think of the new judges?? 

It is SPRING break around here! 
It is Freezing and Snowing! 
So ready for WARM weather! 

I am ready for days like this!! 

If you are on Spring Break, what fun things are you doing??

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