Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Is Finally Here

I am sooo excited that today is Spring but NOT excited how cold it was this morning! BURR!
 I am ready for Spring fashion although I will miss my comfy boots. I also need to go shopping, the Spring wardrobe is slim! ;-/  I have looked at a few places but have found nothing!
 Where do you shop and what are you buying?? 

Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed it outside. It was a little windy but not a cold wind. We had tons of fun playing, sliding, climbing, running and just being together as a family! Considering Jamie is doing school and work 24/7 we don't see him all that much. 

Love this pic but hate that my eyes were closed! 

Love love love doing fun stuff with the girl. 
She was sooo excited to be outside playing and running! 

I had to share Jamie flipping. 
All I can say is that I am glad he can still do this. 

Then Sophie Clare wanted to flip. 

Then it was off to HAPPY HOUR at SONIC. 
Strawberry Cream Slush, Ice Cream and a Cherry Lime-Aid!! 

We had a fabulous afternoon. 

Today we met our friends (Andrea, Matia Grace and Max) for breakfast at Chic a lay (as Sophie Clare calls it) and had a fabulous time. It is always fun spending time with great friends. After that Sophie Clare and I hit the mall. Let me just say, I tried hard to buy something to wear but I really did  not find anything at all. I did find this ring that I wanted. 

I found it at  Belks and was excited! 
 Mine is thinner but I LoVe it!! 

It was very stormy on Monday  and I know many are still without power and cleaning up from Monday. We were blessed and only lost internet and phone. 

I hope you all have a blessed week! 

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Sarah Robbins said...

I have found lots of cute stuff at Target and Old Navy on clearance. My friend also turned me on to Forever21. They are so cheap and have such cute stuff. It's overwhelming though. Come visit us and we can go together, or we should meet in Atlanta and can go to Forever21 and Ikea!

Sophie Claire's ribbon pig tails are adorable! Looks like you all are having fun even if it is a little cold.

Your ring is so cute! I love it!

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