Sunday, March 24, 2013

What A Fun Week

We had a wonderful week full of playing with family and friends. 

It all started when Braden came to play for a bit. We played inside for a while then decided it was warm enough to get outside.  We started practicing up for the egg hunts. They enjoyed finding them but I think they had more fun doing the hiding. 
Are they not cute?? 

My pretty blue eyed girl! 

Wednesday we had a fun breakfast playdate at Chic a lay with Andrea and the kids. 

Thursday was the Easter party at school and it was soooooo cold.  My car said it was 31 and icy. I believed it. Burrr!  I had Sophie Clare this cute "bunny" outfit to wear but it was way to cold. Sophie Clare said she was excited about the party and was going to hunt for eggs and eat her snack. 

We made cute carrots for her friends at school. 

It was entirely to cold to hunt for eggs outside. 
I have mentioned how cold it was?? haha

Then on our way home, we got a phone call from April and Luke. They were going to the bouncy place and invited us to go. Well of course but we had to get socks first. Yes, I know you are thinking, its cold and you did not have socks on. lol Sophie Clare had her mary jane Bobs on and I had on flats because the calendar said "SPRING". Anyways, we stopped by DG and then we were off to play and bounce. 

We had the best time. The kiddos really had fun being with each other. 

They both had a plan. That plan was lunch together at Pasquales. Who could resist?? We headed that way but WOW it was covered up so change 
of plans to Taco Bell. 

Our internet is very sketchy these days with the storm on Monday.
 Maybe it is repaired now, we shall see. 

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