Friday, April 12, 2013

A Few Pictures I Never Posted

I was looking through my blog and my pictures then I  noticed that I had not posted several pictures. Now, I did share a few of these with FB. But as a lot of you know this is where I keep up with what I do. I usually always do Spring pictures along with Easter pictures. This year did not work out that way. It was entirely  to cold to make her stand outside and get pics. Although, I did manage to get a few of her in her Easter dress. 


This was one of those spur of the moments, drop by my moms and try to get a few pics. It was not to cold but about to rain.  She looks as if she is in a daze. She did not want to put baby down which was fine. She was not in a bad mood, she is just stubborn when it comes to pictures. 
And this to shall pass! 

This was one Sunday after church. 

Another Sunday after church. 

Totally Random

But I love this stuff! 
It gives me just enough color to not be pasty white! 
I have tried others but they always are dark and make my hands look orange. 
Do you use a self tanner?? If so, what do you use?? 

The storms are over and the sun is shining!  We are super excited that the girls are coming and staying the weekend with my parents. We always have tons of fun when they are here! ;-) 

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