Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What A Wonderful Weekend

We had the most fun this past weekend with the girls. Sophie Clare was in heaven having play pals all weekend long. 
Saturday morning we got up and we took the girls to Doodle and Boo's Petting Zoo. 
They have several animals to pet........... ducks, rabbits, pigs, chickens, goats and much more. 

The girls loved it and had a great time. 
 Emily and Gracie's favorite was getting to hold the baby chickens. 

I thought Sophie Clare would really get into holding the animals but she was a little nervous. 

Emily was holding the baby chick and it decided to fly away. 

Oh my the pigs were sooo loud. They were not all that crazy about being held. 

Sophie Clare's favorite was riding the horse. 

I ran into a friend of mine Erin and her girls are just sooo cute! 
This is sweet Maggie! 
Yes, her name is Maggie as well! 

You would think the goat never eat. 
They are doing everything they can to get there mouth in the cup of food. 

Sophie Clare talking to some kiddos. 

The llama's were soo pretty and this brown one had personality.  
This was my mom's favorite. 

This sweet little lamb was born on Good Friday. 
Soooo cute! 

Then it was time for a hay ride! 

The girls loved playing on the playground and they kept me running. I thought I might hang out and watch them play. All they wanted me to do was chase them! 

Then it was back home for a little more play time. 

Mom wanted a pic with the girls.
 This is how Emily acted and just look at Gracie posing. 

Now, look at Sophie Clare......I just shake my head. 
Now notice Gracie, she is still posing! 
I love it! 

Sophie Clare wanted Em to get into the wagon so that she could pull her. I did not think she would be able to but she did and had a blast doing it. 

Click here to see Sophie Clare at Doodle and Boo's last year.

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