Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Hunting and Dying Eggs

Every year brings on new excitement with Sophie Clare. We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Thankfully the rain held off for our egg hunt at church. 

Sophie Clare was ready to find the eggs this year. She really got into it. All of the older kids are so sweet to her and did not mind helping her find a few. Pop was there as well to make sure she found plenty. ;-) 

Sweet Carver 

He enjoyed seeing what was in the egg. 

From the looks of Johnna's foot, I think she is pointing to an egg. ;-) 

Oh how I love Katie bug! She is just so precious. 

These 2 ladies and I grew  up in church together. 
I love them and don't they have the cutest little girls??

The highlight of the egg hunt was Sophie Clare running in the field. 
She ran , ran, ran and ran some more. 

Thanks to the ladies at church that made the hunt such a hit! 

When we got home, it was time to get things ready to dye some eggs. Sophie Clare was pretty excited about this. 

Jamie missed out on the dyeing of eggs. He had a terrible headache so he slept during out fun. 
I wanted pics of me and SC dyeing eggs.......
So what did I do??
 Self timer! 
I should have done an action shot instead of posing. Oh well, next time. 

We had so much fun and made a mess. We used some Kool Aid agian which is my fave and we also used some from the egg kit. Check out that brownish gray egg. That was purple kool aid.

Love my crazy eyed girl!

Even though we hunted for eggs and colored eggs.................... I am so thankful, Sophie Clare knows the real reason for Easter! 

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