Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday

Let me start by saying what a wonderful Easter Sunday we had! 
It was low key and with family but it was the best! 

Sophie Clare's goodies. 
Her favorite was her Doc, kite, blue t-shirt with a pocket and her spin toothbrush. 

Our little sleepy eyed baby girl. 

She loves to play doctor and loves the Doc show.
 It is really cute and shows great imagination, plus it has a cute song! 
She was super surprised and excited by her new toy.  

I really tried not to get her a bunch of junk but I could not resist this mask.  She loves to wear stuff like this. She wore it all morning. 

All Sophie Clare wanted to do was play and wear her t-shirt but we had to get ready for church. She wanted to know, could she put that t-shirt back on when we go home from church. 
Here was my sweet Sunday School Class. 
They are so sweet and full of life! 
How to get these kiddos to look and smile?? 
I had Jana (my friend and other teacher) bouncing a ball on my head! 

Sophie Clare loves her bubba!

Who was a daddy's girl today?? 
This baby girl right here! 

My daddy took the pics and really did a good job but he does not let us get ready before he starts clicking. 
Notice Jamie is talking.
There were pics of my holding my hand up trying to get my hair out of my face or looking at SC.  
Sophie Clare does not count, she does whatever she wants to in pics. haha

Now, check this out...........We are all smiling. 

Sophie Clare looks sad but she is not. 
My dress came from Mimi Lou's

Check this girl out, I wanted just on good pic on Easter. 
I told her to smile and this is the pose she gave. 

My 3 sweet girls. 
I love them soooo much! 

These 2 are just so precious and make life so fun! 

We ate lunch at my parents and the food was sooo yummy. I think I ate all afternoon. The kids played and rode the golf cart. It was to wet to do much else. 

Carver loved the fish. You can stick your finger in the water and the fish will come up. 
He would say, ow bite me. 

This was Sophie Clare's happy place.
 She LOVES her Uncle Chris sooo much. She stays right with him and does not let him get out of her site. 

Now, to get back in the swing of things! 
Next up is Chuck E Cheese! 

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