Thursday, April 25, 2013

End Of The Year For Awanas

I know you all are so excited that it is day 3 of blogging! 
Can you believe it?? 
I am so glad the sun is shining today. Yesterday was a blah kind of day except for the fact that we had 2 special visitors. 

Last night was our AWARDS for AWANA'S . I can not believe that it is over, it went but pretty fast. Sophie Clare has loved being a cubbie and getting her patches for her vest. All year she has asked me when she was getting her "first year" bear.  Considering she does not get time, I answered this question a lot. Finally last night was the night! She was soooo excited. 

When she went up to get her 2nd certificate, she even stopped for a pose. haha 

As soon as we got home, she wanted me to put all her patches on her vest. 
She was very proud! 

Yes, I am still loving INSTAGRAM!  I love to take pics and love to share them. I think this is a fabulous place for me to share random pics. I will not share all of them on FB only the cutest ones of Sophie Clare!  So be sure to follow and see what you see! 

Well that is about it for today. 
 I think I will put the sheets in the dryer and  check out  a few blogs! 

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