Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Falls, No Voice and INSTAGRAM

Happy Tuesday!! 

Why is it a HAPPY Tuesday??
 Because since Thursday, my voice has been pretty much gone. Finally today, it is beginning to sound a little more normal!  Sophie Clare even said Sunday night, mommy I miss your voice! For those that know that I love to talk, I missed it too! Now, it did not slow me down but it got on my nerves. haha 
Anyways, Sophie Clare had an earache Saturday night, we ended up at the dr yesterday with meds to help this ole crud. 

Friday, we wanted to get out of the house. So, Andrea and her sweet kiddos met us at the Falls. We made a day of it. We got there at 10 and did not leave till 2.  
We had tons of fun.
I did not take my good camera. Since we have been to the falls tons of times, I decided to try out my new phone camera. 

Andrea is feeding the llama. 
Now llamas are funny to me and have a big personality. 

This poor donkey looks soooo sad! 
He reminds me a lot of  Eore on Winnie the Pooh.

Anyways, we ate lunch at Jack's and played on the play ground. 
I think the phone did a pretty good job! 

I am so hooked. I always take tons of pic and hate to blow facebook up with them.
 But I don't mind on Instagram. 
I am Private but just ask to follow! 


I promise I will stop talking about Instagram soon! haha 

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