Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sophie Clare Picture Over Load

I have got to start blogging more than 2 or 3 days a week. I feel a little over whelmed by all the pics so I am going to shove a whole bunch on this post to just get them on here! 

This was about 2 weeks ago............
This is how it started out. 

And this is how it ended........In my moms garden shed, I thought this could be such a cute back drop. And it would have been if Sophie Clare would have not been so silly or maybe I should say aggravating!  

Feeding the fish

My dad made my mom a lemonade stand last year and was sweet enough to make Sophie Clare one this year. She loves it sooo much. She will make sand pies, birthday cakes, cupcakes and pretend she is selling them. She loves to tend (pretend). 
We also got the water table out since it is so warm. 

We still have the baby swing up, just in case Carver comes to play.
 Sophie Clare still loves getting in it to swing. 

She has also found a love for working on sticks with a knife.
 She learn this from her Uncle Chris. 

We love when Braden comes to play. 

Sophie Clare loves to dress this doll up in her clothes. She thought it would be fun to dress her up and take a few pics of her. ;-) 

Playing like her baby  is a newborn and in the hospital. 

It is another beautiful day so I better get busy so that we can go outside when Sophie Clare gets out of school. 

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