Thursday, April 4, 2013

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid

Sophie Clare really does not ask to go to a lot of places. If you ask her what you wanna do, usually she always wants to stay home and play. Then there are weeks that all she wants to do is go to Target. It would be nice if there was one just a little closer. ;-) She has been watching Nick Jr some and all of there commercials are geared toward kids. Toys, toys, and Chuck E. Cheese. She has been saying for a couple of weeks now, I want to go there. 
So last Friday, Jamie was off and we took off. She was beyond excited and could not wait. She was telling everyone that she was going. 

I love how excited she was! 

She ran from one game to another! 

These are my favorite. I said, hey you wanna get your picture made with Chuck E Cheese?? She jumped up in the car and was hugging all over him. 

I love this one! 

I do believe that the miniature carousel was are favorite. I think we put about 5 tokens in it. 

We had planned on eating lunch there but it was getting sooo crowded. Probably not smart going during Spring Break. We will defiantly go again while everyone is in school! We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings (yummy) and it was off to World Market, Target and that was in the 280 area. Then it was Sophie Clare's lucky day, we went to Target again in Trussville. A dream come true! haha

We always have to get Dippin' Dots for the ride home! 

Can't wait to go back! 

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