Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

 Our Memorial Day was pretty low key which was how I wanted it. I wanted to get some sun and just hang out outside.  My aunts pool is not open yet so we have made our on little water park in the backyard. I like to call it our redneck water park. I felt like we had one last year but we have added a slip n slide this year.  We are really enjoying it. 

It took Sophie Clare a little bit to get the hang of  it she loved just running on it. She mainly does it on her knees and that's ok. 

This is what she enjoyed the most. Just sitting in the water table and playing. 
This is one thing that was worth every penny. We bought it for her when she was 1 and she has loved it. 

We cooked some hamburgers on the grill and rested with the little tv on a blanket while they cooked. 

It was a very good day! 

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