Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Sunday Fun

I am all about dressing patriotic for the occasion so that is what we did of course. Sophie Clare wore her flag dress which I am pushing it with the length. haha 

I wore a navy and white polka dot dress from TJ Maxx! 
I love when I can find cute dresses from there. 
I added a red skinny belt paired with red flats. 

We had a great service at church and they had called service off that night. We took advantage of that and  went to Decatur for ALABAMA JUBILEE.  We have been before and had so much fun. I was super excited about going back. It took us a good hour to get there.  I promise Sophie Clare asked me every 5 mins when we were going to be there. I am sure a 6 hr ride to the beach is going to be fun. haha 
We got there and set our area up with our blanket, cooler and snacks. Now we were ready to relax and enjoy the balloons. 

Guess who met us there?? 
Andrea and her sweet family.

We walked around and looked at all the balloons  and then came back for the kids to play. 

This girl is a mess. She will just smile when I take pictures of her and Jamie. When it comes to me, well the faces are endless. 

See what I mean...............

Now here are a few from Instagram. 
Oh How I love it. I just wish I could print it like my blog. 

Oh she is such a mess! 
These pics just make me laugh! 

We had such a great time and I am so thankful for these sweet friends! 

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