Friday, June 7, 2013

Free Movie + Free Popcorn = Free Fun

Good Morning!
 Our week has been busy trying to get everything ready for VBS. It starts tomorrow and it is always crazy on the first day to me. We have been cutting out stuff, making stuff to make sure it will work.  It is always hectic getting everything together but once it gets here, it is sooo much fun. 

 Yesterday morning we went and walked.  We are on our 2nd week of walking a mile every morning. Sophie Clare LOVES it and LOVES riding her bike. She woke up this morning and said 
She is a good motivator. 
I am glad  walking, it is giving me more energy so I am coming home getting a lot more done. That is a lot better than wanting to sit on the couch for 2 hrs after I wake up. haha 

Anyways, Sophie Clare has pink container boxes in her room. We call them junk boxes. They are filled with happy meal toys, phones.....Just stuff. 
When she was little I could dump a box out and she would go through it forever. ;-)  So we worked on cleaning those out and Sophie Clare did really good as getting rid of some stuff. I was very proud of her. 

See why we called them junk boxes?? 

Someone had an obsession with phones for a while! 

After we did that, I sat down at the computer a min and remembered that the library was showing there free movie. Sophie Clare is not much into tv but I thought, its free and would be fun to try. I asked Sophie Clare if she wanted to go and she was very excited. So we got ready. She was able to carry a blanket and pillow. HOW FUN!! 

Check out this excitement.  

We got there and found us a nice little spot. They had chairs for the adults but it was a mommy/daughter time. So I sat with her of course. 
She was super stoked about her popcorn. 

The movie was BRAVE, it was a little to mature for Sophie Clare. It also was really loud. I am sure they had it that way just in case kiddos were loud.  She ate almost 2 boxes of popcorn. We made it for about an hour which I thought was pretty good. 
We had a good time and will most def check it out again. 

That is about it for today. The girls are coming to play! YAY!! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! 

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