Monday, June 17, 2013

Wrapping Up The End Of VBS

Yes, I am behind and I am playing catch up! 

Last week I sent Sophie Clare to VBS at another church. She did well and wanted to go back. I was very proud of her! But because we had our VBS going on at night, it was just way to much for her. That Monday, OH SHE LOST ALL CONTROL because she was so tired. 

We  had a very good week and I miss seeing all those kiddos!! 

We had tons of fun dancing and singing to the music. 

We are still singing it. 
It just sticks with ya!! 

While we were singing and dancing, MISS PRISS was busy talking to MR. JACK. 

Then she would join us and march to her very on beat!! 

It was a busy and tiring week with all the other stuff we had going on...................
But it was tons of fun and a huge blessing!! 

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