Friday, July 26, 2013

Bowling For The First Time

One of the local bowling alley's has $1.00 bowling on Tuesdays. Now through the Summer they are doing it on Wednesday's too.  I had been wanting to take Sophie Clare for a while and she had been wanting to go. 

She was super excited about going!! 

We met out sweet friends April, Luke and Lila. 

My sweet girl ready to bowl!! 

Considering she did not throw or roll the ball very hard, it took it a while to get to the pins. I even had to go get the ball or roll another ball to push it on down. 

She loves her friend Luke soo much! 

We had a great time and the kids enjoyed it.
 Sophie Clare is ready to go back!! 

1 comment:

Bama Girl in AZ said...

So cute! Sofia loves bowling too. I remember her first time (and how long I spent looking for the perfect cute smocked outfit for bowling)!!

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