Monday, July 29, 2013

Having Fun with Emily

Happy Monday!!
 The weather is AAAAA- MAZING today!
 It is not to hot and in the shade, there is a nice cool breeze blowing! 

I am playing catch up as usual! So I will start with last Wednesday. 

This past Wednesday, Emily came to spend the night with my parents.  Sophie Clare of course was super excited!  She LOVES her cousins to pieces!! 

First I want to share a random picture of Sophie Clare telling a story to Jamie. She is very animated and I love to watch her tell a story. 

Another random thing, she LOVES olives. She will eat an entire can! 

We went to the dr on Wednesday morning thinking Sophie Clare might have a UTI, It came back that she did not but they called this morning and she has a little infection. So antibiotics it is. Sophie Clare was having a good hair day so I took a pic. 

Then it was back home to play, play, play!!
We played at my moms for a while then went swimming for a bit..............

Then it was off to my house to play some more. These girls had a great time dressing up, marching in a band and just being together. 
I am so thankful she has Emily and Gracie. 

I am kinda a crazy person when it comes to keeping Sophie Clare's room neat. haha One time Gracie asked me why I wanted to keep it clean?? haha A mess makes me crazy!!  I left the girls to play and this was what I walked into. A room full of fun! ;-) 

They dressed up for Halloween and were soo cute!! 

The sweetest bunny and kitty cat! 

Then they had me join in and I was the witch! 

I know what your thinking.........Where is GRACIE??
 Well the 2 little ones are not crazy about spending the night so that is why she was not there. We missed her bunches though and Sophie Clare wanted Emily to be sure and give her a hug. 

Jamie had a very busy week and when he is not here........
this is how we eat!! 

Be Happy!! 

Be Kind!! 

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