Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jodi's Wedding

Saturday night my sweet friend Jodi got married! I was so excited and could not wait! I just knew everything was going to be beautiful!!  It had been raining for days and that was not a good sign for an outdoor wedding. Even though it was a little messy , it was beyond beautiful!  We all stood on the porch while they were wed under an umbrella!   
Here are few pics that I took. 

Jodi's dress was gorgeous and she looked absolutely beautiful! 

This is her mom and dad. 

This was one of my favorite pics but I was so sad when I saw that it was blurry! 

Everything was decorated so pretty! 

I loved this! 

Me and Jennifer

The Girls!! 

As us girls were outside talking and taking pics, the sun started to come out. So off  they went to get a few pic. 

By the end of the night, this was how Sophie Clare was.
 She was very well behaved and I was very thankful. 

This is Lance, he is the guy that introduced Jodi and Mike. 

And the happy couple....


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