Friday, July 5, 2013

Our Fourth Of July

It was a rainy and cool fourth of July for us but that did not stop us from having all kinds of fun! 

The girls had spent the night with my parents and yesterday morning they were ready to play!  We played dress up and had a tea party. They even squeezed in a little trick or treating! ;-)   Emily had went back to my parents but Gracie wanted to stay and play! I wanted to dress Sophie Clare up  and take a couple of pics. Considering we have had this same dress for about 3 years now, I pulled out her little flag short outfit. I let Gracie wear the dress and they were very happy to smile for my pics. 

Look how cute they were!! 

This is just fabulous of Sophie Clare with her hand on her hip.
 If yall know her at all, she is always making faces. 

After that, we headed to my aunts house. 
We had lots of YUMMY FOOD! I ate till I could not eat anymore. 

Carver is just a doll and I love to here him talk! 

After we ate the kiddos wanted to get in the pool. It was very cool and I was not getting in. Sophie Clare is doing great in the swimming pool. She is jumping off the diving board and swimming!! 

I am so proud of her!! 

Sophie Clare and Braden are matching the colors on there bathing suits. 

This is sweet Caleb. 
He is such a good baby! 

We had tons of fun but the fin was not over. It was firework time. 
Since it was raining we did was we could on the porch. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, you saw all the fireworks.  

After we did that for a bit, we ate dinner and got a bath. Then is was off to Gadsden to see the fireworks. 
This was a big deal. 
Sophie Clare has never made it though the whole thing and this year she did!! 

I hope you all had a fabulous 4th!!! 

You can see other pics on INSTAGRAM!! 


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