Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Saturday Out and About

Saturday was the first day that we really did not have plans all day! 
Jamie finally did not have a ton of school work to do, so what were we going to do all day?? 

We got up early and were out the door by 8:15. Where were we off to?? 
Look at that sweet face!! 
All she wanted to do was go to TARGET! She said the day  before.........
She is such a sweetheart! 

Our first stop was Pepper Place. We bought some yummy blueberries and green tomatoes. 

I loved  seeing all the fresh flowers! 
 Sophie Clare really enjoyed seeing all the dogs on leashes. 

They had a little childrens booth and Sophie Clare decided she wanted a necklace. She took her time in picking it out. Finally she decided on Woody from TOY STORY!  ;-) 

Check out this cute fairy garden with a dog house! 
How cute!!! 

It got HOT quick!! Sophie Clare enjoyed a yummy shaved ice to help her cool off! 

After Pepper Place we were off to Leeds to the outlets. I was excited about the children stores. We do not have any here in out local town. I was looking for bathing suits and ended up finding some really cute ones!! 

Sophie Clare LOVED the water falls!! 

Then it was off to Target. Sophie Clare's play house! 
When we finished there, we were ready for a break and eat some lunch. 

We ate at Red Robin and it was delish!! 

We had to wait a while on our food and Sophie Clare entertained herself. 

We stopped by Home Depot and I can not tell you how excited  Sophie Clare was when she saw this buggy. She just had to ride in it! 
They need these at Wal- Mart! 

We had a great day out and about! 

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