Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Days

I can not believe that it is the middle of  July!! 
Where has Summer gone?? 
I have never felt that Summer last long enough. haha 

Most of our Summer days are spent by the pool. We have not really done anything but that. I am pretty ok with it to. ;-) Sophie Clare is just a little fish these days. She gets better every time we swim. 
Here are a few pics from this week. 
Some of you may have looked at these on Instagram.

Sophie Clare and Carver

Yummy Watermelon! 

Braden and Sophie Clare are getting to spend a lot of time together this Summer. 

When we get home from the pool, it is rest time. Sophie Clare usually gets her baby and watches a little tv. 

The next few pics are from Sunday. 
You always take advantage if Sophie Clare is in a picture taking mood. 
It may be only for 1 pic but that is ok. 

This is right before church. 

She said, here mommy take my picture. 
Well of course!! 
Such a doll baby!! 

Sophie Clare loves shoes really of all kind. She had been wearing a pair of Emily''s play cowboy boots at my moms. She wanted to wear them all the time.  So the other day at Target, we lucked up on a cute brown pair. Just her size and the only pair they had.  It was meant to be. ;-) 

She loves them!! 

My parents are dog sitting and Sophie Clare loves it. She is a little unsure of Lucy at first but they have been bonding all week. ;-) 

Me and my sweet girl at Sonic waiting on our treats! 

We are going to finish up a few things here and hit the pool. 

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