Thursday, July 18, 2013

Foam Party Was Fun For All

Tuesday we met April, Luke and Lila at the library for a foam party. I just knew that Sophie Clare would love it. WHY?? Because at the HANGOUT at the beach, she is all about it.  Well of was all wrong. She would not get in it and she really did not want it on her. 
Here she is just watching everyone. 

Me, trying to show her it was fun. 

She did not believe me. 

Luke is trying to get her to play but she was not having it.  She did tell me that it was crowded and she is not fond of crowds. 

After everyone was finished playing in the foam and we got away from the crowd, Sophie Clare began to loosen up. 

They had cupcakes, chips and dip. Sophie Clare enjoyed that! 

The little girl sitting beside Lila, that is Gracie. 
She was in Sophie Clare's class at school. 
Sophie Clare never said anything to her but she did wave by and that is a good step. 

 Sophie Clare and Luke had the same idea about eating lunch with each other. 
So of course that is what we did!! 

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