Monday, August 19, 2013

1st Day Of Pre-K

I can not believe that the day is finally here. Sophie Clare starting pre-k.
We have one year and one more Summer to live it up before all that "real" school hits. I am so thankful and blessed that she has one more year!

Comparing last year to this year, it has already started off better!
Praise the LORD!! 

All of her first day goodies!! 
Yes, BamaGirl in AZ.......
I was a copy cat!! 
I hope you did not mind! ;-) 
The Flipz was just a cute idea!! 

This morning, Sophie Clare woke up around 7. She laid on the sofa while I finished getting ready. She even asked me "Where she was going??" lol Like  she did not know.........silly girl! I tried and tried to get her to eat breakfast but she just would not. I hope that she will eventually eat snack and then it will not matter. 

Late yesterday afternoon, I took Sophie Clare down to my parents to take a few pics, just in case this morning was a flop. 
(They will be on the blog) 

I had the light on and she kept telling me it was to bright. Usually by this time if we do not have anywhere to go, she is dancing and singing. 

Then I start being a little silly and she starts to perk up just a bit. 

But then she yawns or as she calls it yunging.

There is that pretty smile that I love so much!! 

I was excited for her to start back but I knew I was going to miss her!!

She had a GREAT first day!!  Her teachers are the sweetest and Sophie Clare already loves them!! She cried just a bit when I left but I left her in the arms her sweet teacher and by the time I got to in Wal-Mart (only 3 mins away) April called and said she was in her seat coloring.  I came on home and not know it she would make it the entire time. She did and made it with flying colors!
 I am so proud of her!! 

As we were talking about her day some of the things she said.....................

SC- Toto got hot outside

Me- did you talk to today
SC- no but I said 2 words, 
Me-what did you say
SC - you got a bug on you

SC- The teacher was sweet and played blocks
Me-that was sweet, did she want you to play with the others
SC- not today maybe later 

SC- I saw Eli and he was cute 
He is a little boy that is in another class and she has had her eye on him since last year. 

When I picked her up, she was all smiles! 
She had a cute color sheet and hand print art. 

We are looking forward to a great year!! 

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