Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 2 Of Pre-K

Oh this is just how it is suppose to be! 
Last night as we were getting ready for bath and bed, Sophie Clare informed me that she did not want to go to school.  Me, being positive polly said all the things I needed to say. Then a little later, I think it was just because she was not ready for bed. ;-) 
Little stinker! 

I try and get up around 6:30 to get ME ready.  I would not care if she slept till 7 but this morning she right behind me. She became pretty perky in a matter of minutes.  She aggravated her daddy while he ironed which she loves to do. She loves to get his spray bottle. It is a real circus sometimes when all 3 of us are all trying to get ready at the same time. 

As I was doing some last minute touches, Sophie Clare walks in and says she is ready for school. I can not begin to express of how proud I am of her!! 

When I dropped her off, I told her to have a good day and I would see her in  just a little bit. I got out the door and when I went back to pick her up.........................
She did not cry at all!!  
They told me that she is very sweet, very well behaved and follows directions really well. That makes this mommy smile!!  They said that she still has not talked but she will nod. I have no doubt that she will be talking very soon. ;-) 

Sophie Clare said she had a good day!! 
Things that she said about her day.

SC- We went on a bear hunt
Then she sings me the song. 

Me- what did yall have a bible story today?? 
SC-Yes, it was about Jesus

SC- I saw Eli and he sat down beside me today on the playground
SC- Eli was hot and his face got a lot of sun, it was red
SC-Eli was sweaty

Eli has not ever been in Sophie Clare's class but she has had her eye on him since last year. She is so excited that she gets to see him. 

She told me that me and her daddy needed to make friends with his mommy and daddy. haha 

She also said she wanted to be Eli's friend, I told her she was going to have to talk to him. 

Can't wait to see what Friday holds!! 

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Laura said...

Hi, Maggie and thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. I responded to your comment, but unfortunately, it was undeliverable. In it, I told you that you shoulda bought those camo shoes! Especially if they were that cheap and you live so far away! Haha! Our store is still selling them for $19.99. Your daughter is precious and I'm glad she's having fun at school. Alise's year of PreK-4 was my meltdown year. She got adjusted LONG before I ever did.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!!

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