Friday, August 23, 2013

Just A Little Reminder To Brush Your Teeth

I LOVE seeing the SUN Shining this morning! 
It is just beautiful!! 

Yesterday, I decided to see what was going on at the local library. It was all about teeth.  I am blessed that Sophie Clare does not mind going to the dentist.  She was all about it and wanted  to go.
 She even asked me if the dentist chair would be there. haha 

Here is my little cutie pie with the baby and her dog. 
She was ready to go!! 

They did the normal singing before the story and Sophie Clare just watched. By the end of some of the songs, you could see her mouth moving. She was wanting to join in. 

After all the kids would do something everyone would clap. This silly girl would only use her 2 fingers to clap but at least she was joining in. 

She even brush Marlow, the monkey's teeth.  

Then it was time to make a craft and she really enjoyed that. She had to draw a picture of her favorite time at the dentist. 

Then we had a yummy lunch with Jamie at one of our favorites. 
We always sit in the same seat every time we go.

Sophie Clare is always carrying baby stuff with her.  On our way home, I looked at her because she was so quiet and this is what I saw. 
She, baby and toto all had passy's 
She is a mess and so silly!! 

I am sure that all of you are glad it is Friday! I hope you and all your kiddos had a great first week at school! 
I know we did and I am so thankful!! 

Enjoy your weekend!! 

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

Super cute library outing (and outfit)!

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