Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Great Day For A Picnic

How many of you grew up watching Full House?? 
I just love that show and  recently  introduced it to Sophie Clare. Now she is not a big tv watcher. She does not get zoned in. The tv could stay on all day and she would not ever watch it. It she does watch, it is about 15 mins. Anyways,  we were sitting on the sofa Sunday night. I asked her if she wanted to watch something on DVR?? She replied with FULL HOUSE. So we were watching it come on and I was singing the song.  At the end of the introduction, they are all on the hill and having a picnic..........REMEMBER??  That is as far as we go into the show. Sophie Clare got a little side tracked with the picnic. She said, I want to go on a picnic like that.  Now, we have done picnic before but I guess it has been a while.  

So, yesterday we packed our cooler, basket, quilt and  headed to the falls. 

Jamie works pretty close to the Falls.  That is a good thing when a baby girl wanted daddy to come on the picnic to. 

When we all finished eating, it was off to feed the ducks............WAIT !!! Those are not DUCKS!! Those are geese and tons of them. They were every where. I think there were only 5 ducks. 

Sophie Clare enjoyed feeding the geese..............

till, one got her little finger and she was done! 
She gave me her bread and said, here you feed them. That goose just got my finger and slobbered on it.  I am laughing because it was just so cute how she said it. She was not her but she was disgusted with that goose. 

We went to see the water flowing over and if you follow me on instagram, I posted a pic of that yesterday. It was so pretty! 

It was getting hot and I was ready to go. I am so ready for Fall weather. Sophie Clare wanted had other plans. She wanted to go ride the train. I agreed to the train but nothing else! haha 

If you know Sophie Clare at all, you know she loves the WIZARD OF OZ. 
Just look at the green witch and she talks!! ;-) 

We had a great time and can't wait to do it again!! 

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Bama Girl in AZ said...

I SO want summer to be over here so we can enjoy being outside!

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