Saturday, September 28, 2013

It's Orange Week

This week was another great week!

Sophie Clare is learning so much. She is always telling me about her day and what they did at school. She does not always tell me everything at the same time. I learn more as the day goes on.  

She is all about the job that she gets to do for the day. She held the door this week and held the cross flag, which is the Christian flag. She told me that she does not twist t he flag up and I said oh that's good. She said, I listen and do what I am suppose to do. Apparently your not suppose to twist the flag. ;-) 

 She has been listening to the story this week and learning her Bible verse. I want to get her to say it and record it but we shall she. Sometimes I wish she would except bribery. haha 

This week was Orange week and we just so happen to have this cute outfit. Yes, I know it is Auburn and we are Alabama fans.  Sophie Clare loves Auburn and Alabama.  I am the type that don't mind if she like Auburn. Jamie is even ok with her wearing it a little. 

They also learned about the letter P. They traced the letter and wrote a few P's.  Sophie Clare is getting better and better with her letters. I am so proud of what she is learning. 

Wednesday after school, we met Jamie for lunch at Old Mexico. 
It was pretty yummy! 

Friday was Sophie Clare was pretty excited to wear her jeans. She LOVES wearing them. 

She carried a orange car for show and tell. 
I guess I should say that she carried it for show since she does not tell. 

I have said it and I will say it again. I just do not see how she can be quiet for 4 hrs. 
I just want her to speak when spoken to. She does at other places we go. 

Silly girl

We have a great day planned so I better get busy! 

Have a super great weekend!! 

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