Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Have We Been Up To

As the commercial says............
It's' HUMP DAY! 

Of course when you are a stay at home mom, that does not really matter. It's just another day in our week. Although those kids at church on Wednesday night LOVE saying it. haha 

What have we been up to??  Our Friday's are usually about the same as always. We get to spend time with my 2 sweet nieces. I just love them so much and so thankful I get to spend time with them. School really puts a damper on all that! Sophie Clare loves these 2 so much and by Thursday she is saying "it's been a good while since we saw Emmy and Gracie". 

This past Saturday, we were able to spend some much needed time with some of my favorite people. The Wehunt's. They have recently moved almost 2 hrs away. ;-(  Jamie did not have tons of homework so he was able to actually spend a day away from the computer. It was so good to see them and just hang out. I just love that nothing ever changes with our friendship. We can go months without seeing them and just pick up where we left off!  

Where they are living, a pond in really in there back door.  They get to fish a lot. Easton loves it!! This was Sophie Clare's first time to fish and she was all about it. I will have to take her again very soon!! 

If you follow me on Instagram you have already saw a few of the pics. 

While Cassy and I were out and about seeing the area. Jamie caught a fish. Thankful he took a pic to share with me. 

The kids had a ball on the scooters and were so sweet about sharing. 

Love her to pieces and can not wait to see her again very soon! 

Thank you for always making your home feel like our very own! ;-) 

We met my very bestest Andrea at McDonald's for an afternoon of play time and ice cream. Sophie Clare, Matia Grace and Max had so much fun! They screamed, laughed, ran and played. 

Ice cream time!! 

We also have been enjoying the cool moments in the shade. 

Hope you are having a great week so far!! 

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