Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Make-Up and Cookies

It is a rainy day here in Alabama but I do not mind to much. 
I am loving the cooler weather!!
 I just wish that it would stay. 

I forgot to blog about this picture...................Last Thursday, we met my friend Andrea and Max at Chick-Fil-A for a much over due lunch date.  Since school as started, I think I may have got to see her once. While we were busy catching up, Sophie Clare was busy making NEW FRIENDS in the play area. 
 Questions that you might be asking?? 
How does she make friends if she is so shy?? 
 Did she talk to him??  
 She talked to him and they played so well together. His name was Joshua.  I was in complete shock considering she does not play at school or talk. I just don't get it!!  She could have so much more fun if she would just open up at school.  

Yesterday was a rainy day as well, so I caught up on some house work.  I swept, mopped, folded know that fun stuff. haha 

We decided to go to Gadsden for just a bit. While I got ready, Sophie Clare gave her baby a bath. She enjoyed this so much but who would not love playing in water and bubbles. 

After we got back, she got in her make up and wanted to put it on baby.  I never mind her doing this because it just take a wipe to get it off.  No biggie and easy clean up. Then she asked if she could paint the babies toes. Of course you can. Water base polish and it comes right off! 

Sophie Clare wanted to make some cookies. I bought peanut butter cookie snack pack for $1.00 and all you have to had is a little bit a oil and little bit of water. Easy and cheap fun. 
She added LOTS of sprinkles

She is the biggest blessing and I am so thankful for her.
 I can not imagine life with her that sweet smile. 

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You should be! 
I just love a world full of pictures! 

Hope you have a HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! 

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