Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sunday Day 6....Pool, Go-Carts and Good Food

Where are my pics from Saturday?? 
I did not take any on my good camera and the few I did are on my phone. I will end up doing a phone post I am sure.  Saturday, we spent the day at the outlets and just hanging out. Very low key and taking a day off. 

Sunday, I wanted to get out in the pool one last time before we had to leave on Monday. I was so not ready to come home.  We made the most of the day and it was a busy one!!

Sophie Clare became a better swimmer every day! She thought she needed her goggles to swim and go under. She later learned that she could do it without them. 
She is just  a little fish. 

I think she stayed under water more than on top. 

This is what Jamie did a lot of the time, which I have mentioned. I am very proud of his all A average and how hard he works. Even though I get a little frustrated with all the work he has to do. 

Me, mom and dad took Sophie Clare to ride Go-Carts again. 
She LOVED it soo much! 

Love this!!
 Pretending the alligator is eating her! 

Getting ready to ride like the wind! 

She did awesome!! There were some other kids on the track as well and she was very careful. She passed them and was very focused.

Next she rode the airplanes and she really liked it too! 

Then it was back to the go carts. 
Then it was off to Target! 

Later that night we all got ready and were off to dinner. 
We ate at the Live Bait again and it was yummy!! 

Those pic are from my phone and as I mentioned I will share those later. 

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