Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 4, Friday Fun Day At The Beach

By Friday, I am starting to think I could live at the beach all Summer long!! 
 Beach life is just so simple.
 You carry just what you need, cook simple and eat simple. 
I just LOVE IT!! 

My parents were coming down for the weekend and so was everyone else. We had  the beach and the pool pretty much to ourselves all week.  It was really nice and I enjoy it not crowded.   We hit the pool early and enjoyed the sunshine! 

Look at my cutie patootie!! 

After a fun day in the sun, we got ready to go see if we could see some fish boats come in. 

I forgot to mention this in earlier post. Sophie Clare came down with a nice cold while we were at the beach, I carried ear drops but not any cold stuff. He went to Wal-Mart and stocked up on the goodies. Sophie Clare got to feeling much better but you can tell in her eyes, she is tired. 

The man that makes all of this happen. 
We really appreciate how hard he works! 

We met my parents at O Charley's for dinner and then it was back to the condo. 

Here is our early Saturday morning photo's. It was an over cast  and you could tell that the beach was going to be packed out.   I should have already done this but O WELL. 

Since I use this as my scrapbook, I am posting them all! 

Looking and blogging about all of these pics............................

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