Thursday, October 10, 2013

Church and Harvest Festival

We have lots of Fall clothes and even though it was a little warm last week, we are trying to wear them. Sophie Clare loves pumpkin season. ;-) 

We are really enjoying our Wednesday nights.
 It is only an hour and we squeeze in as much fun as possible. 

The favorite part of the night is to go downstairs and just run wild. Ms. Angie always has the best games for them. She is very creative. 

I have 8 in my class and they are all so sweet. 

This past  weekend was the Harvest Festival. 
Sophie Clare had a blast even though it was extremely hot. 

We also went back on Saturday because they have all the fun stuff for the kiddos. 

Sophie Clare had $15.00 of fun.  

Which included.................
Riding a horse

Her favorite is the jumpy thing. 

and then last but not least she wanted to ride the bull. 

After all that it was time to go. It was getting hotter by the min. We had a yummy lunch at Mill Street then it was home to rest. 
We needed out rest to go see this cutie cheer. 

Sophie Clare was super excited as usual to see them. 

That about summed up our weekend. 

So far this week, I have been a little under the weather, celebrated my birthday, had a girls day with my sister-n-law.....................wonder what the rest of the week will be like???? 

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