Monday, October 7, 2013

Purple, Hat Day and the Letter H

 I welcome this cool weather that we are having this morning!
 It feels wonderful!! 

Sophie Clare had another good week.
 Except that she has a little bit of a runny nose. 

Monday morning she was ready to go.
 She says that the cheerleaders are Auburn cheerleaders. ha  
This is her sassy look. 

Now this is her sweet look. 

After school we came home to eat lunch and Sophie Clare would get on the arm of the sofa to watch tv. 

Oh that face just melts my heart!
  I just love her so much!! 

Wednesday was hat day and she was pretty excited about it. I was a little surprised when I picked her up that she still had it on. 

Last but not least Friday, was purple day. 

I am so thankful she is enjoying school. 
Now if we can break the strong will of her not talking, we will be good to go! 

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