Friday, November 1, 2013

Nursery Rhyme Dress Up and School Party

We have had a busy week but it has been lots of fun!  We have got to dress up almost everyday. Wednesday was dress up day at school and they do a Nursery Rhyme which is really cute and not scary. 

We chose to do the Kittens that Lost there Mittens because we had all the stuff.  She makes the cutest kitty cat! ;-)  

Her best buddy Luke. He was Hickory Dickory Dock. 

Cade was Old McDonald and he is just the cutest little boy.  
Gracie was Jill and she is such a sweetie. Full of personality. 

Jack B Nimble, another Farmer and sweet Lila enjoying the party. 

Little Boy Blue, Old King Cole and another sweet Jill. 

and a blurry pic of my kitty cat. 

Humpty Dumpty

Sophie Clare's personality does not shine at school but it did show through just a bit..........she is hitting Luke with her Kitty Cat tail.  Silly girl. 

She was sweet enough to let me get a pic with Luke. You can tell she is happy yet nervous. I just wish I could get inside her little head at school. I would really love to understand what she feels and thinks while she is there. 

I could not ask for sweeter and more understanding teachers. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of the party! 
It is so much fun coming and seeing all the sweet kiddos!! 

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