Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treat

Another night of dressing up! Wednesday night we had our Trunk or Treat at church.  I could not wait to see everyone all dressed up. I decided to take my "GOOD" camera and take a few pics. 
Well a lot of them turned out blurry. Thankfully, my phone took better pics. It is so frustrating to have a good camera and it take bad pics. Kinda makes me want to buy a new one!!! 

If you follow me on Instagram you saw a few that were not blurry. 

Braden, I mean Si and Dorothy

How cute are these 2?? 

Gavin and Hadleigh

The whole group plus all the ones that just stopped by. 

3 of the sweet cousins! 

Now it is time to get some treats. 

Now to Gann Gann and Pop's trunk. 

She is pretty pleased. 

Love this pic!
 It is so adorable!! 

Johnna being SI and she made a good one! ;-) 
Wait to see what she dressed up on Halloween! 

Just a quick look back at the other Halloweens. 
Time sure does fly!! 

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