Friday, November 15, 2013

Santa's Big Debut At The Mall

We have been on the go a lot here lately and I was looking forward to just laying around the house Saturday morning. That quickly changed when I heard on the radio Friday night that Santa was coming to our local mall. They have a very small parade for Santa.  Then you go inside and they have fun things in there. 

I knew Sophie Clare would love it so off we went. 
It was a little cool that morning and Sophie Clare kept shivering. 

This is after she saw Santa. 
Just look at that smile. 

Oh she looks so excited to have her pic made with me. She is such a mess. 

After Santa came in we headed over to BIG SAM the BALLOON MAN.  He can make anything. Sophie Clare said she wanted a dog  but BIG SAM, said I have an idea, can I do it?? She said yes! 

As he blew up the balloons, getting different colors, twisting and tying......................

I still could not figure out what he was making. 

Finally, it was the cutest butterfly ever!! 
He said that was his first and last. haha 

We had an early lunch at none other than Chick-Fil-A  and took a spin on the carousel. 

Then it was off to Sears to look for a new iron. Sophie Clare found her a Minnie Mouse pillow that was super soft and she loved it. She was very proud of her pillow. 

We had a great time but had to cut it short. Jamie had tons of school work to do!! 

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