Friday, November 15, 2013

Christmas Village and Blurry Pics

Ok I am apparently getting the shakes these days or just need to slow down. All of these pics are blurry but I am posting them anyway. Why?? Just because I want to remember. 

Last Thursday, we headed to Birmingham with my parents to go to Christmas Village. Sophie Clare picked our her outfit and of course baby had to wear Christmas as well. 

They are always giving aways something free upstairs from Mayfield. This year was snow cream Popsicles. Oh they were so yummy. Sophie Clare loved them so much that she ended up getting 2 or 3. haha 

Sophie Clare was getting a little weak in the knees, so we took a break for lunch.  It is amazing what a little hot dog will do for a little girl. She was like a new child. Lots of energy. 

She was pretending she was in a parade. I am not quiet sure how many times they went up and down on the escalator. 

An now for another picture with her friend Justin.  They are holding hands. 

After Christmas Village, we hit Target wide open. Sophie Clare and pop stayed in the toy section while mom and I looked around. 

Jamie was out of town and we were pooped when we got home. So we snuggled on the sofa the rest of the night. 

I just love Christmas time. 
I love the reason for the season, the lights, colors, trees and the clothes. It is just such a fun time of year!! 

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