Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas At The Falls

I am very aware that I am always playing catch up. How is it that I used to blog daily when Sophie Clare was little and now that she is bigger, I do not have time.  My goal is to catch up before the new year and to stay caught up. We will see how that works out for me! haha 

Last week, we were a little under the weather but nothing to bad.  It was a very busy week last week, trying to fit everything in before Christmas.  Last Wednesday night, we missed church to go to the falls. We have been having to work all of our outdoor activities around the rain. We normally do  not miss church but since we were just eating pizza, we thought it would be ok. ;-) 

It was cold but not too cold. Sophie Clare was super excited. She loves Christmas lights. 

I can tell I am a little more relaxed when it comes to dressing Sophie Clare. She wanted to wear her warm fuzzy pj's again. I did not mind because I knew they would be warmer than anything  else she had plus they are cute. 

I was telling Sophie Clare to come and pretend she was licking the candy and Jamie could not resist. haha 

I just love this picture! 
She LOVES her daddy so much!! 

Hey, don't really lick it!!! 

Then it was off to see Santa. 
When we got home, Sophie Clare said " Santa curled his beard for me" 
I love her imagination!!! 

Off to decorate a cookie............

Don't ya just love when you capture a pic when it looks like they are sleeping. ha 

Just trying to get a good couple selfie but it was not working out. 
Talk about straining to get a pic.

Off to see the animals........As most of you know, we go to the Falls a lot during the Spring. It is local fun and Sophie Clare loves it. They usually just have plain ole rabbits but to our surprise, they had new long soft hair rabbits. We may need one of these for Easter!!! 

I love capturing that sweet pic and it being blurry..........insert sarcasm!!! 

Writing a letter to Santa. 

Time to mail it! 

She is not sure about putting it in the mailbox. 
She is very concerned about how who is going to pick it up. 

We had a great time and I am thankful we were able to go

. I am also thankful for Jana for watching over my kiddos at church!! 

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