Friday, December 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Jesus Parade and Program

Sophie Clare's Christmas program at school was last Wednesday.  She was excited and I was nervous.  She has matured so much since last year but I can see that she still gets a little unsure and nervous. When she bites her lip that is a sure sign of her being unsure. 

She did such a great job and I was so proud of her!! 

She really paid attention and knew just what to do. 

Gracie and Cade are beside her. 

They did a few songs and then played the bells. She did a great job on the bells and I even caught her singing a bit. 

After the program they had the cutest little parade for JESUS,  celebrating his birthday!! 

Here comes Sophie Clare's class. 

Cade, Colt and Jonah

Gracie and Brylee

Mrs. April, Mrs. Heather, Caleb, Luke and Sophie Clare 

Thankful for my sweet friend April getting the next couple of pics. 

Sophie Clare did a great job!! 
Thankful for such sweet teachers!! 

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