Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

We woke up about 7:30 and Sophie Clare I do believe forgot that Santa had came to her house. It was really cute how excited she got. She was ready to go see what he had brought her. 

She only asked really for 2 things. 
1. I pad
2. doll
She said, she could just surprise her if he wanted to. 
She did mention that she would like to have a race track. 

She could not believe that Santa ate all her cookies and drank the milk. 
She kept looking in the cup 

It did not take her long to get comfy and start opening. 

I just love when my pics turn out blurry.  (insert sarcasm) 

She got Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. She looks pretty pleased  with her. ;-) 

When she opened her Barbie Lego's, 
she said "how did Santa know I wanted that? " 

She is a little unsure about this gift............

She sees the box but is still questioning?? 

Not a word yet, she is just showing it to me. 

She was very happy to find that Santa came through! ;-) 

Race Car track

Just digging in her stocking. 

She said all of it was her favorite but the I Pad and Race Track was her most favorite. 

We enjoyed a long morning at home then it was off to Jamie's granny's. 

Sophie Clare wanted to leave her her pj's and since they were so cute, I let her! 

This is the only pic we got as a family.......pretty sad! 
Oh well! 

Her Uncle Jason got her a couple of pair of pj's. Sophie Clare was loving these!! We did not sleep in them because I was afraid she would get hot. As soon as she woke up the next morning, back on they went! 

Loving her race track so much. She will just sit there and watch it go around and around. 

We had a wonderful Christmas!! 

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