Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always fun when we get together with my brother (his family) at my parents.  We always have tons of good food and the girls as usual have a blast just being together. 

Sophie Clare cracks me up with her little shifty eyes. 

They of course enjoyed opening gifts and my mom read the Christmas story. 

Later that night, we put on our jammies and was ready to bake some cookies for Santa. Sophie Clare was excited and had a great time.  

It was a family affair.......we all helped. 
We even made home made cream cheese icing. 

Ready to cut out some fun shapes. 

I just love those sweet hands! 

Me and my most favorite girl in the whole wide world! 

Ready to go into the oven. 

Now another fun part.....The decorating!! 

Look how cute they turned out!! 

Now for the reindeer, we could not leave them out. 
Sophie Clare and Pop went outside to get these! 
Sophie Clare drew Santa a picture. She left it for him, along with cookies and milk. 

Right before we brushed our teeth, we looked out the window to see if we could see Santa. 
We did. We saw Rudolph's red nose blinking!
 Sophie Clare was so cute and was all smiles. 

We also read the Christmas Story as a family on Christmas Eve. We all pile on the sofa and I read. It is a really sweet time. This year was extra special. Sophie Clare wanted to read the story and she did a great job. I had to record it..............
it was just to sweet! 

We had a wonderful Christmas eve! 
Nighty night! 
Santa comes in just a bit!! 

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