Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Decorating Before Thanksgiving

 I have not ever put my tree up before Thanksgiving!! Sophie Clare was beyond ready to put it up and on Wednesday , she asked could we put her village up?? I agreed and all day Wednesday, we decorated for Christmas.  We listened to Christmas music and had a great time. I loved seeing how excited she was! 

Christmas is her favorite!!  She loves everything about it!! 

She knows why we celebrate Christmas!! 
but, she also loves all the glitz of Christmas! 
The lights, the trees, is just so much fun!! 

Working on her tree in her room.
 She loves her room and it is my favorite room as well! 

Time for the star in the living room! The past couple of years, Jamie has been home during our decorating. He is the one that holds her up to put the star on the tree. I think it is a sweet tradition. 

UH-OH looks like the tree is leaning a bit. Jamie better fix that!!! 

This is to be continued..............................
Lots more to do!! 

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