Friday, December 6, 2013

Follow The Yellow Brick Road


Our invite this year was the quickest one I had ever done. I used Walgreens. I made a card and on the front was Sophie Clare in her Dorothy costume.  The inside said

 Follow the yellow brick road ...
to Sophie Clare's
Birthday Party! 

Click your heels and join us
November 30

Now trying to plan this party between Black Friday shopping and the Alabama/Auburn game was not the easiest but I think I pulled it off. ;-) We had her party at 11:30, so that everyone could get back in time to watch the game. 

Even though I through the party together in a couple of weeks, I thought it turned out great!! 

Sophie Clare was so excited about her party! I don't think that I have seen a happier child! 

I just love how Sophie Clare's shirt turned out. 
Heather at Babybroidery made it for me! She is my go to girl! ;-) 

My sweet and beautiful Emily! 

On top of everything that we have been going on with our family, my poor mother fell the day before and broke her wrist. :( 

Maddie and Cole

My handsome brother! 

Sophie Clare, Braden and Grace

They are all 5 now! 

My Aunt Janine and Jamie's mom, Judi

Pop and Emily

They loved the house! 

Best buddy Luke

Before we ate, I was going to get Chris to say the blessing but sweet Braden wanted to pray. He says the sweetest prayers! 

Judi and her mom. 

Cake time!! 

A sweet friend made the cake and it was so yummy!   We made the cupcakes.  Jamie is such a great cupcake icer. 

Telling everyone THANK YOU!! 

Thank you so much to everyone that came to celebrate Sophie Clare's birthday! She had the best 5th birthday! 

Thank you to Betty and Jennifer for taking pics! 

Another big thank you to all that helped clean up!! 

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