Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun In The Snow

When we played in the fake snow on Monday, we had no idea that we were going to get to play in lots of real snow!  
We were suppose to get a very light dusting. I did not even mention it to Sophie Clare really, because she is been praying for snow.  I got a phone call from a friend, they said it is snowing in Albertville. We waited and waited, finally it was snowing at our house. I just knew, it was not going to stick or snow for long. I was wrong! ;-)  

This is when it first started snowing, we ran outside just to be out in it, just in case it did not last. haha 

Please ignore me with my no make up and un-washed hair. 

It continued to snow and this little girl was so excited! 

Jamie got home in plenty of time to enjoy the snow with us. I know that there were many that had a hard time. 

I made some kool-aid to paint the snow with. I think I enjoyed it more than Sophie Clare did. 

It just kept coming down..
 It was so pretty and loved watching Sophie Clare have so much fun. 

Sophie Clare is trying to make a snow ball. The snow was super fine and it was hard to get it to ball up. 

My sweet snow angel. 

We had heard that the roads were starting to get pretty bad. People could not get up the mountain and  have to sit in there car for about 3 hrs and some over night in some places. 

We walked up the road to 431 just to see how bad it was. They were driving really slow and traffic was back up going down the mountain as well. 

She ate tons of snow! 

Still eating snow............

After our long walk, it was back inside to get warm. Sophie Clare did not really want to come up in so I brought the snow in to her. 

Our first day in the snow was a fabulous. 

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